The Collins Aerospace CMU-4000 is a data communication management unit designed to provide a minimum cost of ownership transition as the worldwide data-link system evolves from ACARS to ATN. The CMU-4000 can manage data-link communications over all three RF sub-networks (VHF, HF and SATCOM, including Iridium). In addition to the main unit, the CMU-4000 also includes associated equipment – radios, control/display units and interfaces to other computer systems as required for specific applications. Three ground information sources communicate to and from the aircraft: air traffic services, airline operations centers and commercial service providers. The CMU-4000 is capable of using either traditional or high-speed ACARS (AOA) over VDL Mode 2. Software upgrades will allow for concurrent ACARS (AOA) and ATN (Link2000+) over VDL Mode 2.

  • Accurate transmissions: Send and receive data-link communications between the aircraft and ground facilities with high accuracy.
  • High-speed communication: The unit can transmit and receive at a data rate of 31.5 Kbps (VDL Mode 2), the fastest available in VHF.
  • Two-way text messaging and storage: Retrieve and view messages at a later time when you need to peruse detailed information.
  • Uplinked textual and graphical weather information: Supports strategic and tactical flight planning.
  • Improves flight following: Features automated off/on ground and position reporting and SELCAL capability.
  • Reduces flight crew workload: Crews spend less time on passenger service requests.
  • Aircraft and flight management tools: The CMU-4000 stores and downlinks fuel status and engine trend data.
  • Fast, efficient air traffic service communications: Capabilities include ATIS and TWIP reports, departure and oceanic clearances and ATC advisories.
  • On-board printer output
  • Supports routing of FMC FANS 1/A messages
  • Optional Link 2000+ PM-CPDLC capability
  • Wide service compatibility: Works with multiple communications service and content providers.