Our drive shafts and flexible couplings are designed to transfer power from the engine to various gearboxes on both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. The unique ability for our drive systems to accommodate angle and axial misalignment, without fretting, wear or lubricants – enables us to offer a highly reliable drive system with low operating costs.

Drive shafts

Collins Aerospace’s advanced analysis and design capabilities, high tolerance machining and comprehensive testing ensure a lightweight and tailor-made solution to meet the requirements of the world’s most demanding aircraft. Our shafts and flexible diaphragm couplings are on more than over 75 airframes, totaling 205,000 shafts and couplings worldwide.

V22 Osprey

If there is an engine failure on the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey, our on-board power transmission system transmits power from a single engine to both rotors, assisting in a safe landing.