No matter your mission, we have a hoist that meets your needs. From dedicated search and rescue operations to local law enforcement and fire agencies, from wind turbine service to supporting oil and gas operations many miles offshore, our Goodrich hoist with translating drums will keep going through the harshest conditions, until the mission is done.

Collins Aerospace Goodrich® Hoists

UH 60L helicopter rescue hoist

Search and Rescue Operations

When lives hang in the balance, you need a rescue hoist that doesn't quit. Our advanced rescue hoists have a single point payout to ensure fast and precise hoisting every time, in every situation. Our hoists use a high-efficiency motor for a continuous duty cycle – providing non-stop operation on every mission. When you're in a high-pressure emergency rescue situation, you need nothing less than a Goodrich rescue hoist backed by over 40 years of field proven reliability.

two hoists on the underside of a helicopter

HEC/utility operations

Whether you’re a harbor pilot being transferred to guide a ship safely to harbor, servicing a wind turbine or inspecting a power line, our human external cargo-certified hoists help keep you safe until the job is done. With full variable speed control, the highest reliability and reduced maintenance make our hoists the right choice.

a windmill technician hanging from a helicopter

Goodrich® Hoist & Winch - Meet Our Team

Meet the team at Collins Aerospace Anaheim who are behind the Goodrich® Rescue Hoist lifesaving equipment.

Hoist in operation

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