In the aviation industry, airlines and airports work to provide a seamless travel experience for the passenger, intertwining their operations to be optimally efficient, cost effective, safe and customer friendly.

At Collins Aerospace, we know the “ins and outs” of airport passenger processing because we design, install and maintain integrated solutions for airport operations. With more than 80 years of expertise supporting critical aviation needs, we understand the complex ecosystem of airlines and airports, and offer products and services to optimize airport operations for passengers, airports and airlines alike.

Airport Database

Two women using airport kiosks

Our highly trusted ARINC Airport Database (AirDB) system warehouses and distributes data throughout the airport to facilitate operational flow and ease passenger management. Airport and airline personnel can quickly and easily access ARINC AirDB from any terminal on a single web-based interface, getting flight schedules and details, gate, belt and desk assignments, as well as any historical information needed.


Resource Management

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Efficiency at the gate is crucial to cost-effective operations and profitability. We designed the ARINC AirPlan resource management tool to help alleviate aircraft congestion and achieve higher on-time departure and arrival rates. The intelligent control system allows airport managers to analyze the cause of delays, plan ahead and improve daily scheduling - helping determine the most time-efficient usage of aircraft, gates and stands.

Flight Information Display (FIDS)

Flight information display

Whether you want to keep people moving, create dwell time or steer traffic to key revenue opportunities, our ARINC AirVue FIDS platform is configurable and scalable for any size airport, concessionaire or airport-related business. It supports all aspects of information presentation, from data delivery and format design, to device management and display scheduling.

Flight Information Display Systems

Turnaround Management

Airport operations hub

ARINC AirTQM provides ground managers a clear overview of all turnaround activities with automatic alerts for performance-impacting delays. It analyzes and improves the management of processes, people and ground service equipment to help achieve higher on-time performance levels and deliver cost savings.

Airport Security

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Security is woven into the fabric of all airport operations, protecting passengers, employees, information and infrastructure. We provide biometric solutions that allow passengers to travel seamlessly throughout the terminal, technology solutions that alleviate congestion and create flow at security touchpoints, and border management solutions that meet any country’s unique needs for passenger information.

Airport Security Solutions

Managed IT Services

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The enterprise landscape is evolving at a fast pace, and the pressure to introduce new technologies into your IT environment has never been greater. This makes managing maintenance costs, vendor requirements and system stability demands absolutely critical. ARINC Managed IT services take all that off your plate, freeing up your valuable resources and manpower and reducing overall operating costs.

Managed IT Services


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