Engine controls actuation is responsible for the control of airflow and fuel throughout the operation of the aircraft’s engine. Collins Aerospace actuation offerings benefit commercial and military engine platforms with:

  • Independently controlled engine vane solutions
  • Rotary or linear offerings
  • Electromechanical (EMA) or fueldraulic offerings
  • Withstanding high temperature environments

Proven experience

Collins Aerospace has a vast and extensive portfolio of electric and hydraulic actuation solutions that can be diversified into adjacent product groups. Our engine controls actuation shares similar technology requirements as valves, nacelle actuation and primary flight controls actuation capabilities.

We can design, develop, manufacture, and qualify actuation systems using our extensive experience and knowledge to support your engineering and manufacturing requirements.

Aftermarket support

Our actuation solutions are supported by a global network of dedicated engineers and technicians, 24/7/365. Collins technical support offers tailored maintenance, rapid resolution, enhancements and so much more. And our global network of repair centers, extended warranty offerings and on-site maintenance services help keep you flying.


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