Flight safety is paramount to operating a successful flight department. And to facilitate success, ARINCDirect offers several tools and services to assist our flight planning and FOS customers' safety efforts. These include Polaris Aero solutions such as FlightRisk® and VOCUS SMS®.


VOCUS is a secure, cloud-based safety intelligence platform that unifies all Polaris Aero software applications into a seamless user experience. It utilizes the latest technologies to streamline the input, processing, and sharing of critical safety-related information, including data from third parties. Polaris Aero is passionate about safety and their software is designed to ensure your organization never forgets lessons learned. VOCUS is what safety management support should be - simple, meaningful, and seamless!



Person viewing the Collins FlightRisk® app on a tablet

FlightRisk® is an advanced risk assessment system that can automatically identify certain hazards and risk mitigation procedures that are important to your flight. FlightRisk reduces information overload by analyzing a variety of factors as defined by the operator – pilot, environmental, aircraft, and airfield – allowing the pilot to select and display information that is important to a pilot’s flight. With the integration to ARINCDirect flight planning and FOS, dispatchers and pilots are not required to enter certain safety information manually, and can instead sync FlightRisk data with their flight plan and schedule. FlightRisk goes beyond compliance; it helps facilitate action!



VOCUS SMS is an advanced safety management software system that facilitates compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). It not only helps improve safety, it also helps improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your entire organization. As an integrated feature of ARINCDirect flight planning services, Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) and C-FOQA Centerline, VOCUS SMS is the ideal solution for forward-thinking operators who want a level of flight safety above what is minimally required.