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For 80 years, we've held great success integrating and producing nacelles and other major components such as pylons, thrust reversers and engine mounts. More than 40k nacelles for defense and civilian applications are delivered across nearly 35 programs today. You can find our most recent nacelle technologies on a mix of military and commercial aircraft such as Airbus A320neos and A350s, Boeing 787s and P-8 Poseidons, Lockheed C-5Ms, Embraer C-390s and, coming this fall, the Dassault Falcon 6x business jet.

Leveraging the expertise and capabilities across Collins Aerospace, our team can provide highly integrated structural systems with a cost and risk value proposition unlike others in the industry.

Key aerostructures products include:

  • Nacelles and pylons (inlets, fan cowls, thrust reversers, exhausts, engine build up)
  • Doors (passenger, cargo, landing gear, utility ramps)
  • Flight-controls (ailerons, flaps, slats and spoilers)
  • Empennage (rudders and elevators)
  • Naval composite structures
  • Specialized military flight structures
  • Advanced materials including acoustic low drag liners, thermoplastics, out-of-autoclave composites, high temperature composites and metallics, and additive manufacturing

In an age where advanced materials are flourishing, we are leading the way with technologically advanced and lean manufactured products. The team recently developed the largest additively manufactured structural thrust reverser cascade array for use on a bizjet nacelle.

F-16 fighter jet above the clouds

You’ll also find the combination of our advanced materials and our relentless push for manufacturing efficiency on the out-of-autoclave composite F-16 Horizontal Stabilator.

oversized truck load

Our team is deploying similar technologies to other markets, including submarines. Many of our composite and acoustic technologies are applied to sonar systems and today can be found on the Virginia- and Victoria-class submarines.

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