Aircraft Interface Device (AID)

Aircraft interface device

The Aircraft Interface Device (AID) is an InteliSight™ technology designed with enhanced functionality, broader capabilities and an open architecture. The AID is integrated with services and software to create a complete, ready-to-use solution. Designed from the ground up with connectivity and cybersecurity in mind, the AID provides a secure, flexible platform to meet airline needs today and into the future.

Tablet Interface Module (TIM®)

tablet interface module

Our tablet EFB platform consists of two unique tablet interface modules (TIM®), an FAA/EASA/CAAC-certified aircraft interface device (AID) and an installation kit. The TIM works with the AID allowing the user's tablet to perform as an EFB and access an array of key aircraft avionics data such as GPS position, ground speed and aircraft heading as well as the aircraft's communications systems, which facilitates the transmission of real-time information such as weather and flight performance tracking.

InteliSight Rapid Deployment

Aircraft data management device

InteliSight Rapid Deployment enables many aircraft data management functions with a single connection to the aircraft Flight Data Recorder maintenance port, which provides access to the ARINC 717 data stream.