Collins MFD-4820 large area display (LAD) is an 8" x 20" display featuring multi-touch capability. Its wide, resistive multi-touch surface was specifically designed to enable pilots to better access critical flight information and improve overall situational awareness.

Our MFD-4820 is highly tailorable. Its lightweight, rugged design is appropriate for use in multiple aircraft types including fighters, tanker/transport aircraft and rotary-wing platforms. Using the latest LCD technology provides high resolution (1024 x 2560) with 128 dpi and fully saturated colors in either day and NVG mode.

Optimized touch-activation force enables use with a finger or gloved hand, reducing unintended touchscreen activations.

Features & benefits

  • Highly reliable with a mean time between failure (MTBF) >15,000 hours
  • Configurable designs (including configurable field of view, multiple video inputs and numerous key panel or bezel options)
  • Multi-touch interpretation up to 4 touches
  • Electrically independent right/left halves providing redundant design architectures enhancing operational usage and safety
  • No center mullion which can introduce blurriness or other visual chatter
  • Fault tolerant, glove compatible, digital resistive multi-touch sensor
  • Collins-developed DAL A certified touch controller
  • Unique optical design mitigates canopy reflections