The HF-121C high-performance radio system is designed for HF applications requiring voice and data operations at 400 watts of transmit power.

Compliant with the airborne requirements of MIL-STD-188-203-IA/STANAG 5511 for Link 11/TADIL A, this 400-watt PEP/average power radio provides maximum performance for airborne applications.

The HF-121C has been optimized for tactical digital data communications and simultaneous operation (SIMOP) of multiple radio sets with minimum frequency and antenna separation. Embedded Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), multimode modem and ARINC 714-6 SELCAL decoder capabilities are also available.

Features & benefits

  • Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) offers best clear-channel selection
  • Digital signal processing 
  • Global range and 400 watts of power ensure continuous tactical communication 
  • Embedded data modem 
  • Upgradable to meet future requirements 
  • Filtering for Simultaneous Operation (SIMOP) applications

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