You can trust our landing gear systems to provide reliable, long-term performance.

Through the progressive use of lower-weight materials and innovative product designs, Collins Aerospace has developed robust products that excel in extreme environments. As leaders in the industry, we continue to use advanced technology to improve performance and lower maintenance requirements for landing systems.

Our primary landing-gear products include main, nose and wing landing gear assemblies. They are built from high-strength metals to withstand harsh operating conditions. In addition to the landing gear structural assemblies, we also offer fully integrated systems, including ATA Chapter 32 components, such as cockpit controls, electronic control units, braking systems, extension and retraction equipment, and steering control systems.

Collins Aerospace provides landing gear solutions for a comfortable landing in the most demanding conditions. With decades of experience leading the aviation industry, we have developed an array of innovative landing gear products and offer exceptional customer service. Our products are found on most of the leading commercial transports including the world’s largest airliner, the A380.