With Collins Aerospace's award-winning and OEM-certified agile® vacuum toilet, airlines can benefit from an increased reliability, a lower weight and a lower total cost of ownership. Designed with feedback from airlines and maintenance personnel, the agile® toilet is the first product of its kind and provides substantial reductions in operating costs and superior performance. This vacuum toilet integrates with existing lavatory interface provisions and offers a wide range of benefits over legacy and competing toilets.

Superior Reliability

Water and waste system

With thousands of retrofit and line fit toilets delivered and more entering service every day, the agile® toilet has a proven record of stellar performance with over 30 million flight hours across multiple aircraft types. When you choose agile®, you'll install a toilet that exceeds the OEM specifications for abuse and duty cycle requirements. This product was rigorously tested to a minimum of one million cycles to ensure component reliability. In the field, the agile® toilet has a mean time between failure (MTBF) of nearly four times the legacy systems, delivering substantial maintenance savings.

Plug & Play Retrofit With Easy Installation & Maintenance

BTP water waste removal equipment

The agile® toilet is designed and pre-certified as a direct replacement for the OEM vacuum toilets on the A320, 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 aircraft. Collins Aerospace's completely modular toilet allows airlines to utilize the same part number across all aircraft types, providing maximum fleet commonality and reducing complexity for airline inventories. The toilet is also completely modular enabling a piece-level disassembly in seconds, simplifying maintenance and reducing delays. With its unique nylon bowl, it also eliminates costly Teflon® recoating.

Retrofitting the agile® toilet is quick and easy, with a duration of 30 minutes to two hours.

Reduced Weight, Water & Power Consumption with Increased Hygiene

The agile toilet and its parts

The economical agile® toilet brings a number of savings over legacy OEM toilets. Our product weighs nearly nine pounds less and utilizes 2.5 ounces less water per flush. Additionally, agile® draws fewer amps per flush, reducing electrical stress and enhancing component reliability.

In addition to these weight and consumption benefits, agile® provides a powerful flush, whisking waste away with ease. This superior flush technology uses turbulent, energetic flow convergence zones between various nozzles to improve lavatory hygiene, creating a better experience for passengers.


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