Collins Aerospace’s Rockford facilities are experts in supplying torpedo power plants and afterbody components. Collins has provided full life-cycle support to the U.K. MoD’s Spearfish heavyweight torpedo for 40 years. Collins has been a research and technology partner with the U.S. Navy for over 50 years to improve and supply their next generation lightweight and heavyweight torpedo systems.
Spearfish engine
Collins has worked on torpedoes for the U.S. Navy since MK 48 development began in the 1960’s. Collins currently works directly with Penn State’s Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) and the U.S. Navy to design and develop the next generation of lightweight and heavyweight torpedoes. From design to aftermarket support, we cover the whole product life-cycle for torpedoes.
Spearfish timeline
Collins Aerospace has played a key role in the design, development and manufacture of the engine which powers the British Royal Navy’s Spearfish heavyweight torpedo. It is a submarine launched torpedo for use against both surface and submarine targets.
When the Spearfish program at Collins Aerospace (then Sundstrand) was in its infancy, it built the Spearfish engine off of existing turbine engine experience with the U.S. Navy. In early pre-development trials, vehicles powered by the Collins Aerospace turbine engine set records for speed, maneuverability and quiet operation.
infographic of U.S. Navy torpedo experience