Airlines can achieve higher revenues – through significant cost savings and improved aircraft operation – with our Advanced Lavatory commercial lavatory solutions. Designed with passenger satisfaction in mind, this lavatory is equipped with a variety of advanced Collins Aerospace designed products and features, including our vacuum toilet, waste and water components, oxygen system and LED lighting. Learn more about the Advanced Lavatory and its component systems below.

Agile™ Vacuum Toilet

agile™ toilet

Realize the lowest cost of ownership of any comparable product on the market with our agile™ vacuum toilet. Our product offers significant cost savings over legacy industry offerings through improved reliability, simplified maintenance and reduced weight.

Agile® Vacuum Toilets

SafeLav-CDS® Lavatory Oxygen System

Safe Lav CDS™ lavatory oxygen system

Help keep your passengers safe with our SafeLav-CDS® lavatory oxygen system. Innovative features on this continuous delivery system make it lighter weight, AD 2012-11-09 compliant and virtually maintenance free.


Lavatory Lighting

LED aircraft lavatory lighting

Designed with passenger comfort and convenience in mind, our LED lighting solutions are the perfect complement to your cabin interior, with long life spans and increased reliability over traditional lighting options.

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