From in-flight entertainment to cabin reconfiguration for additional passenger space, cabin interiors need to adapt in order to increase revenues and meet changing demands. We offer wide- and narrow-body cabin interior monuments that are fully customizable to your airline’s unique branding and passenger-experience needs.


Our extensive monument product portfolio includes ready-to-install bulkheads, galleys, closets, lavatories, seat ottomans, partitions, bar units, lowered ceilings and more – all designed to minimize total cost of ownership and maximize branding and customization opportunities. We deliver ready-to-install aircraft interior monuments complete with engineering and approval documentation.


Space constraints, re-pitching of seats and special mission configurations often require customized interior monuments. Our in-house design team will work with you to create solutions for enhancing passenger experience and creating new revenue streams. Monuments can be customized to reflect your airline’s branding and optimize stowage, such as entertainment systems and safety equipment.

Interior Reconfigurations

We also offer engineering and certification for unique cabin reconfigurations. Whatever your needs, Collins Aerospace can support you. We’ll ensure you have the necessary engineering definition and approval documentation to complete your modification and certify your aircraft. From simple aircraft modifications to fully integrated cabins, our engineers have the necessary experience and expertise to craft a wide range of aircraft interiors to meet your needs.

Silhouette MOVE™ cabin divider

Our innovative Silhouette MOVE™ cabin divider for the twin or single aisle aircraft offers more passenger comfort. As the industry’s first moveable divider, the Crystal Cabin Award-winning product helps airlines use space more efficiently, enabling them to increase their revenue.