Collins Aerospace's MFD-268 multi-function display offers superior functionality, condensed packaging and proven reliability in some of the most rugged military helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. It displays graphics and video on an XGA, 1024-by-768 resolution, delivering high performance with an avionics-grade, color active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD).

The MFD-268 can be procured as part of an integrated system such as Flight2™ and Common Avionics Architecture systems or as a stand-alone display. It is capable of providing a typical ADI/HSI format or can be used for an Engine Instrument Display. It's available in both landscape and portrait configurations.

As a smart display, it is capable of showing video from sensors merged with graphics to provide enhanced situational awareness in all phases of flight. The MFD-268 spans the Department of Defense fleet from the C-130 to large tanker aircraft. Its very large customer base makes this display sustainable well into the future.

Available in both smart and monitor displays, the MFD-268 features open architecture within the partitioned environment, making it customizable and cost effective to take from platform to platform.

Features & benefits

  • High-quality, sunlight readable, avionics grade, color AMLCD
  • Superior optical performance designed for cross-cockpit viewing
  • High brightness with a broad dimming range
  • Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Class B compliant and Class A compatible
  • Shallow depth fits most aircraft and applications, including C-130
  • Available as a smart multi-function display (MFD), which eliminates need for external symbol generation and optimizes the optical presentation
  • Available as a video monitor MFD
  • Capable of displaying symbology, multiple video, combinations and overlays
  • Capable of displaying multiple video formats, including FLIR or map video
  • Displays EFIS, EICAS, targeting or navigation data
  • Field programmable

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