Airshow gives passengers a spectacular view of the world as they fly. With its Landsat 7 Mapset, even more of the in-flight information they want and a design that jumps off HD and 4K displays, Airshow delivers a viewing experience to match the luxury of the most beautiful cabins.

An engaging world awaits

Exceptional clarity - The basemap portrays global satellite imagery at 30 meters per pixel with terrain data, plus high-focus maps at 3.75 meters per pixel.

More points of interest – Explore destinations in more fun, engaging ways with features such as Snapshot.

A new perspective – View flights as if through the head-up display that the pilot sees.

More in-depth service – Views of the system’s Command Center, World Clocks, Prayer Room (includes time to Miqat and direction of Mecca) and Flight Stats keep you and your passengers engaged and informed in precisely the way you want.

Tools to personalize your Airshow experience – Command which map details will show, specify time format, ticker visibility and much more.

This next-generation version of Airshow ASXi is also available in combination with our Airshow Mobile application and Airshow HGML 5 browser application. It's DO160 certified for the utmost safety and airworthiness. And its HD-SDI output connection provides smooth compatibility with your HD and 4K monitors. 

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