From lasers to flight displays, satellite communications to warfighter connections, optics play a crucial role in our customers’ business. When you need high-performance optical subassemblies, depend on our knowledge and precision manufacturing expertise. Our solutions span the entire spectrum, from deep ultraviolet to far infrared, and account for virtually all materials suitable for opto-mechanical applications.

We have extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of a variety of optical solutions for land, air and space. Applications include: intersatellite and battlefield communications; telescopes, radiometers and image sensors; reconnaissance sensors for military surveillance, navigation, piloting and targeting; helmet-mounted display solutions; and rugged, high-clarity displays for flight, fighting vehicles, commercial vending and mobile devices.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities offer Class 100 clean rooms, build-to-print capabilities and low- and high-volume prototyping and production.