The Collins Aerospace Athena 511 meets the stringent requirements of today’s unmanned aerial vehicle and military applications with a short time to market and low lifecycle cost. Offering a fully integrated inertial navigation system (INS), GPS, air data/attitude and heading reference system (ADAHRS), the Athena 511 combines inertial sensors and software processing to provide a single-box flight control system.

The unit includes embedded air data transducers, a magnetometer and an analog input for sampling outside air temperature. It gives you a GPS-aided INS to produce inertial attitude, velocity and rates plus air data measurements that comprise a complete state vector of the vehicle.

Our Athena 511 meets MIL-SPEC environmental requirements, including for temperature, shock, vibration, EMI, power and humidity. You can adapt the unit’s software to interface to your specific vehicle systems for control or monitoring using the unit’s I/O capabilities. We also can host our autopilot and 3-D navigation algorithms so you can adapt them to control many different vehicle configurations such as fixed-wing, V-tail, T-tail, propeller- or jet-powered aircraft. An external magnetometer unit, sold separately, can interface with the Athena 511 if required.

  • Tactical grade IMU (1 or 3 degrees per hour)
  • Differential ready, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver
  • Built-in air data systems pressure transducers including static, airspeed and flow angle measurements
  • Full INS and attitude solution
  • Accurate roll, pitch and heading in dynamic maneuvers and sustained turns
  • Kalman filter INS provides high accuracy navigation and control state vector