Common-use bag drop allows airport and airline resources to be shared and scaled as required, which is increasingly important as passenger demand continues to fluctuate. Operational efficiency is also enhanced, as one agent can manage multiple bag drop units instead of needing one agent per desk.

Collins Aerospace solutions support both one-step and two-step bag drop, with flexible options for new terminals, retrofit designs and hybrid setups. Common-use payments for capturing ancillary revenue, biometrics for improving the passenger journey, and branding options that allow you to choose the color and design of your units further enhances the value of bag drop and provides a level of customization and flexibility that benefits any operation.

Collins Aerospace bag drop is supported by ARINC Managed Services, offering expert assistance, tools and technologies – as well as 24/7 global support – to keep your systems up and running, helping operations run seamlessly.

Benefits for airports

  • Reduces queues with faster processing
  • Improves space utilization and capacity throughput
  • Enhances passenger experience with true self-service
  • Increases passenger dwell time and subsequent revenue spend
  • Reduces complexity and IT infrastructure with high-availability cloud technology
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure

Benefits for airlines

  • Provides passengers with more control of their journey
  • One agent can supervise multiple bag drops
  • Revenue generation with secure payment processing for baggage fees and ancillary services
  • Extensive airline integration experience enables fast and straightforward installation
  • Reporting and changes applied across entire network from one site

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