Outstanding, field-proven accuracy and range are now available with the high-performance PSR-500 perimeter surveillance radar system from Collins Aerospace. The PSR-500 features Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) advanced radars and combines all functionalities required for perimeter surveillance.

PSR-500 radars can effectively sense mobile targets in all weather conditions, including rain and fog, 24 hours a day. The radars are adapted to the surveillance needs of many types of sites, thanks to their range and target behavior analysis algorithms. These also give the PSR-500 a very low false alarm rate.

In addition, each PSR-500 radar can be coupled to one or multiple cameras that are controlled by radar detections, enabling multi-target, highly accurate video visualization and recording in real time.

The PSR-500 is suitable for locations such as airports, industrial and military sites and public or private urban sites.

Features & benefits

PSR-500 typographical view
  • Static antenna easing installation and reducing maintenance
  • High resolution (high bandwidth)
  • Rapid detection time via permanent area illumination
  • Optimized false alarm rate and detection probability
  • Affordable technology
  • Low radiated power – poses no health risks
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact radar design with SWaP-C advantages

PSR-500 Perimeter Surveillance Radar System

PSR-500 UAV Slew-to-cue

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