With increasing threats from acts of terror and other national security issues, countries around the world must securely manage their borders to assure the safety of their citizens and economies. Border management agencies need systems that allow them to efficiently identify travelers, verify their backgrounds and validate their travel documents.

Collins Aerospace ARINC border management solutions offer a complete set of products and services scalable to meet a country’s unique requirements. Whether it’s Advanced Passenger Information (API), Passenger Name Records (PNR), API/PNR, or automated data fully integrated into government systems, Collins can design a custom solution to meet a country’s unique requirements.

Secure communication

Border management systems must facilitate communication between airlines, passenger rail, cruise lines and other transportation providers and security agencies around the world. Using our Collins AviNet® network, our ARINC Border Management Solution provides connectivity over a highly available, highly secure, private network. Benefits include:

  • Custom solutions for specific government requirements
  • Flexible to allow integration with locally developed systems
  • Proven mission-critical reliability
  • Compliant with ICAO standards
  • Relationship with airlines around the world
  • Secure data for security agencies and personal privacy data
  • Seamless integration with document scanners, biometric devices, automated border gates and other peripheral


Connectivity And Network Services

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