Collins Aerospace solutions for military transport aircraft, military and civil helicopter applications, and the growing market for UAVs are proven on hundreds of aircraft around the world. Leveraging our local presence and collaborating with Brazilian companies to contribute to job creation and technology transfer, we are bringing these high-performance products and solutions to Brazil at low life-cycle costs.
Our flight deck avionics, controls, navigation and communication systems – including airborne software defined radios, very light and high-frequency radios, data links and direction finders – can be customized for new or retrofit solutions. Our systems provide interoperability, enhanced situational awareness, reduced crew workload, enhanced levels of flight safety and high levels of automation for defense forces.
Leveraging our commercial avionics, Collins’ Pro Line Fusion® flight deck has been selected for many aircraft platforms, including the Embraer Legacy 450 and 500, as well as the Brazilian Air Force’s KC-390 transport aircraft.

In addition, Collins offers integrated simulation and training systems that solve the most challenging training problems and feature complete concurrency between avionics and simulators. 

Communications / Navigation

HF-9000 High Frequency Communication Transceiver


Athena 411

Simulation and Training

Military Simulation and Training

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