Cloud Operations: The Silver Lining for Airports

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As the world emerges from the pandemic and passengers increasingly resume regular travel, airports are renewing their focus on critical innovation, especially when it comes to improving the passenger experience. In this e-book, we'll dive into four benefits of migrating airports to a cloud-based infrastructure.

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ARINC cMUSE (Multi-User System Environment) is our next-generation common-use passenger processing system (CUPPS) solution that allows multiple airlines to share check-in desks and boarding gate positions at an airport rather than having their own dedicated infrastructure.

With the latest ARINC cMUSE solution, we've partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in cloud provision services, to offer full or partial cloud-based deployment options, providing the additional flexibility, scalability and efficiency aviation now needs.

ARINC cMUSE next-generation common-use passenger processing system (CUPPS)

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We also offer a wide portfolio of solutions that can be packaged with cMUSE, such as SelfServ, SelfPass, BagLink and self-service bag drop, for an even more seamless, end-to-end passenger journey.

We’re ready to support you as you explore the benefits of adopting cloud-based solutions to drive cost savings, reduce carbon footprint and increase flexibility and resiliency in your passenger processing. Let us know how we can help!

Features & benefits

  • Airlines and other stakeholders can share infrastructure and costs
  • Deploy on site, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both to align with your technology roadmap
  • Interoperable with all current common-use terminal equipment (CUTE) and CUPPS
  • Quickly deploy additional workstations in minutes for operational flexibility
  • Simplified software and application updates to stay up to date
  • Data mining and analytics provide critical insights into operational and historical data
  • Dashboard reporting for greater operational decision-making and easier billing
  • Sandbox environment for application testing
  • Cloud-based operations help reduce environmental impact
  • Managed services and 24/7 support for peace of mind and smooth operations

A more sustainable solution

Cloud-based systems like cMUSE remove the need for energy-intensive on-site servers, core rooms, cooling systems, and increased local technical support. This reduces energy consumption and associated emissions to help minimize your environmental footprint – something we know airlines and airports are eager to do.

For airlines and airports of any size

cMUSE has been developed to make life easier. Whether deployed locally or in the cloud, both options provide full application compatibility. Both support the same end user applications. And both support the same traditional PC-based edge devices, including peripheral firmware. Airports of all sizes will benefit from being able to launch check-in services in just minutes, onsite or off, using only a PC, laptop or thin-client device with existing peripherals and a standard Internet connection.

cMUSE for cloud-based or hybrid deployment

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  • Agile, flexible, truly cloud-based
  • Lower on-site infrastructure and facility costs
  • Fewer on-site administration requirements
  • Decreased deployment time, faster provisioning
  • Greater scalability and resilience
  • Simplified airline application updates and sandbox testing
  • Reduced carbon footprint

cMUSE for on-premise deployment

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  • Use existing infrastructure and support teams
  • Greater control over administration of servers
  • Local execution of end-user applications
  • Less dependency on network connectivity
  • On-premise solution with a mobile, cloud-based client

Regional airport success story

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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) looked to us and our ARINC cMUSE solution to increase operational efficiencies and enhance the passenger experience. Learn how they did it and how cMUSE continues to improve operations as the airport grows.

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