The most advanced, fully digital head-worn system available that fuses multispectral night vision sensors with situational awareness information to support day, night and degraded visual environments. The helmet-mounted Integrated Digital Vision System (IDVS) provides head-up, hands-free situational awareness, giving warfighters the information they need to make better, faster decisions and reduce workload as they carry out their missions.

Features & benefits

  • Equips the warfighter with superior situational awareness in all battlefield environments, regardless of weather, light levels or obscurants
  • 24 hour day and night capability - Waveguide technology allows the display to become instantly transparent in lit conditions, allowing the warfighter to continue fighting without loss of momentum and retain Situations Awareness
  • Higher range of Detect, Recognize, Identify ( D/R/I) through low-light image processing, visual noise reduction and digital enhancement
  • Multispectral digital capability allows for instant digital zoom, reducing cognitive stress, aiding in faster decision making
  • Enables export and import of digital data and video such as compass heading and map displays
  • Conformal design improves ergonomics and enables hands-free operation
  • Human-machine interface reduces operator workload with highly automated processing
  • Wide (40-degree) field of view and transparent optics do not affect peripheral vision
  • Easily upgradable growth path through programmable, open system architecture