In today’s world, being connected is essential for people and businesses alike. That holds true for aviation, where airlines, crew members, airports, ground handlers, air traffic managers and ﹘ let’s not forget – passengers depend on connectivity to ensure operations run smoothly and trips go as planned.

Recent events demonstrated the turmoil created when these connections fail: flights being delayed, canceled or redirected to alternate destinations; aircraft sitting for hours on the tarmac waiting for a gate; piles of baggage needing to be rerouted; angry passengers sleeping on the floor of airports hoping to get on the next available flight.

For the better part of a century, Collins Aerospace has been an innovator for aviation connectivity. Today, we continue to lead the way by leveraging new, high bandwidth communication technologies to deliver enhanced experiences for passengers and new efficiencies for airlines and airports.

For an industry constantly in motion, success hinges on agile, always-on connectivity across airlines, airports, aircraft, crew and passengers. Collins Aerospace is your partner in keeping your operations and passengers totally seamless and simply connected.