Venue offers comfort without compromise, giving passengers the individual command of their travel experience. The CMS controls lighting and window shades, cabin temperature and entertainment access at your fingertips. The choice of discerning aircraft owners and operators, Venue's on board more than 1700 different aircraft on 50 different platforms from turboprops to VVIP aircraft worldwide.

Venue CMS explained

Climb on board to see comfort without compromise – customized cabin solutions.
A man and woman in a business jet cabin enjoy entertainment offerings enabled by Collins Aerospace's Venue CMS

Passenger comfort and convenience

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Mobile devices are the norm of everyday life. Using them while flying is easier than ever with Venue. Our Venue CabinCommand App gives passengers complete wireless control of the cabin with their personal devices. Passengers can move freely through the cabin with wireless technology. And enjoy crystal clear sound and seamless content streaming with intuitive, easy-to-operate controllers.

Venue CMS Compatibility

Venue easily integrates with Collins' passenger engagement solutions and other cabin technologies on the market like environmental, lighting and entertainment streaming solutions.

Passenger Engagement Solutions

Delight passengers throughout the flight, keeping them engaged with a variety of Collins' offerings like 3D moving maps, music and movie streaming, in-flight live TV or enabled gaming or casting.

Airshow® Moving Maps

Number one in in-flight entertainment, Collins Airshow Moving Map offerings allow passengers to watch their flight virtually progress by putting your aircraft on the map. Our customizable solutions create a 3D flight path interactive that keeps passengers informed and entertained on their journey.

Airshow is available with full Venue installation and a standalone option - the ultra-high-definition smart monitor with HD Airshow.

Airshow Moving Maps

Experience Airshow

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Stage™ On Demand

Elegantly streamlining every aspect of on-board content delivery, our Stage™ on demand brings an unrivaled level of luxury to your cabin's entertainment capabilities. Passengers can enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, music, magazines and more on their preferred mobile devices and laptops.

A rich variety of content is refreshed monthly from a web-based menu designed for the flight director's ease of management. This convenient, subscription-based service includes add-on options such as news feeds, stock updates, sports and weather forecasts.

Learn more: Stage on Demand

Experience Stage on Demand

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Tailwind® Live TV

Our Tailwind® airborne satellite TV systems offer the most comprehensive and compelling content available in the air, whether you're traveling in the contiguous United States or between multiple regions worldwide, such as Europe and the Middle East.

Learn more: Tailwind Live TV

Experience Tailwind

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24/7 Global Support

From design to installation, life-cycle support and upgrades, Collins provides Venue customers a high value experience for years. Our dedicated project planning teams collaborate with you to customize the perfect cabin solution for your lifestyle, intelligent self-diagnosing software ensures the system keeps running optimally and 24/7 support helps earn Venue's reputation for unmatched reliability.

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