With Collins Venue™ cabin management system, and the wireless Venue™ CabinCommand app for your carry-on devices, control is at your fingertips.

Luxurious capabilities, no compromises

inside an airplane a man is seen holding a tablet and a woman is reading on a phone

Cabin solutions passenger experience

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Advanced technologies – behind the scenes

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At the heart of Venue is a fiber-optic backbone with tremendous bandwidth to support your every need, and wired and wireless network capabilities to fit the way you wish to experience your cabin. The superior system architecture will accommodate changing needs of aircraft cabin configuration, and its unobtrusive design profile gives you total control. Sound is crystal clear. Touchscreen controllers are intuitive and unobtrusive. And configurable displays throughout the cabin pack enough punch to lift the entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Designed with the passenger in mind

inside an airplane a man is seen holding a tablet and a woman is reading on a phone

Mobile devices have changed the world, and so too the function of in-flight entertainment. Call or text in flight with our ARINCDirect Wi-Fi app. Move freely through the cabin with wireless technology – Bluetooth®, headsets, speakers, Wi-Fi streaming. And each passenger can independently explore the world beyond the cabin with our Airshow® Mobile moving maps app.

Tailwind® Live TV

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Our Tailwind® family of airborne satellite TV systems allow you to receive the most comprehensive and compelling content available in the air, whether you’re traveling in the contiguous United States or between multiple regions worldwide, such as Europe and the Middle East.

Tailwind Live Tv

Airshow® Moving Maps

"Are we there yet?"

There's a reason that moving maps are the most popular feature of any in-flight entertainment system. Understanding the flight progress, geographic location and scheduled arrival time is vital and deeply satisfying to travelers of all ages.

Give your passengers the power of engagement with Collins Aerospace's industry leading Airshow® moving maps. Beautiful 3D graphics, greater geographic detail, unparalleled global coverage and intuitive interface give travelers an unmatched, in-control view of the world around them.

Airshow Moving Maps

Television on an aircraft featuring Collins Aerospace's Airshow Moving Maps

Stage™ On Demand

Elegantly streamlining every aspect of on-board content delivery, our Stage™ on demand brings an unrivaled level of luxury to your cabin’s entertainment capabilities. Passengers can enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, music, magazines and more on their preferred mobile devices and laptops.

A rich variety of content is refreshed monthly from a web-based menu designed for the flight director’s ease of management. This convenient, subscription-based service includes add-on options such as news feeds, stock updates, sports and weather forecasts.

Stage on Demand
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Advancing at the speed of technology

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We designed Venue and our ARINCDirect connectivity services to advance at the speed of technology. They work together seamlessly, along with 24/7 global service and support. So your cabin experience is always exceptional.


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