Our ATR enclosures and rack mount chassis deliver mission-critical air, sea and ground performance in the most demanding environments. Designed for comprehensive protection against extreme conditions, these custom-built products come in a range of configurations with a variety of design options. Contact us to develop your solution.

Product options matrix

Explore our chassis / enclosure detailed specifications and build a power-ready subsystem suited to your needs. 

Custom front panel, backplane and board capacity options

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Custom front panel, rear panel, cooling, single or hybrid technology backplanes, standard or custom power supply solutions for power capacity and voltage rails, system monitoring and board capacity options. 

ATR sizes

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Our ATR enclosures come in a range of standard sizes – from ½ ATR to 1 ½ ATR – with various "open architectures" to accommodate your needs.

Efficient cooling solutions

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Whether its high altitude situations or extreme thermal environments, effective avionics cooling is vital to prevent damage from minimized air flow and excessive heat. We eliminate overheating risk by performing thermal analysis on every system. Using native, solid-model CAD geometry, we produce a selection of shaded display, particle trace animation and clipping planes to optimize thermal performance. This analysis ensures that your thermal requirements are met early in the design process, dramatically shortening product delivery time.

After testing a variety of heat transfer types, we’ll implement a cooling solution based on specific board requirements. Our cooling solutions include:

  • Convection (forced air): A filtered, right-sized air intake and baffle combined with high-efficiency fans provide generous airflow through the card cage and peripheral bay.
  • Conduction: Precision-machined card guides in the sidewalls cool both circuit card assemblies and the power supply, conducting heat through this brazed inner structural member to the mounting interface.
  • Liquid sidewall conduction: Liquid sidewall cooling is passed through precision-machined card guides in the sidewalls, cooling both circuit card assemblies and the power supply.

We'll combine or alter these cooling methods as necessary to suit your thermal management needs.

Rugged mechanical design

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Using a blend of machined, formed and extruded components, our ATR enclosures achieve exceptional structural integrity while reducing the number of mechanical fasteners for improved reliability. Using lightweight aluminum brazed per MIL-B-7883, these chassis provide robust EMI and RFI shielding for avionics. Stainless steel captive hardware and self-locking helicoils protect enclosures from shock and vibration.

Corrosion and fungus-resistant finish

Our ATR enclosures are chromate conversion coated for maximum protection against corrosion on all surfaces, per MIL-C-5541 Class 3. The exteriors are epoxy painted to military standards and colors. For space applications, we use Anodic Coating per MIL-A-8675. All materials and finishes are fungus-resistant.