Improving the passenger experience while increasing ancillary revenue

Winner of the Best Onboard Technology Award at the Onboard Hospitality Awards 2021

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Collins Electronic Cabin Bag (eCB) is an intuitive digital solution that creates a connected ecosphere of information flowing between passengers, the airline and vendors. With Collins eCB, airlines offer passengers a unique experience that can increase ancillary revenue, provide an exceptional customer experience and streamline operations.

With eCB, passengers enjoy the convenience and efficiency of online shopping from their own personal devices. Through their smartphones, they can access products such as duty-free items, food and beverages, as well as travel services such as seat upgrades. Passengers only see in-stock items and pay directly through their eCB account.

Giving passengers the power to self-order from their phone offers a unique passenger experience and reduces non-essential contact between passengers and crew. The cabin crew is able to access the information, receive payment and deliver items with more efficiency than traditional operations.

By providing live credit card authorization, eCB reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions and increases the range of sales for higher value items and services – enhancing ancillary revenue opportunities.

Collins eCB solution offers a more enjoyable, safer and efficient passenger journey.

Collins Aerospace digital solution helps make Zip Air’s vision a reality

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Reduced contact

Collins eCB reduces unnecessary contact between the passenger and crew, enabling passengers to travel with greater peace of mind. Reducing face-to-face contact improves cabin hygiene, restores passenger confidence, and reduces anxiety for both passengers and the cabin crew.

Connected ecosphere

Giving passengers access to real-time inventory of duty-free items, food and beverage helps ensure they get what they want, when they want it. Passengers can see and learn about in-stock items or services. The eCB cart is automatically updated to reflect true inventory levels, so passengers are not left disappointed by ordering out of stock items.

The cabin crew and vendors are able to access information for convenient and efficient inventory replenishment. And, eCB’s data and analytical insights help airlines improve operational performance and reduce disruption for future flights.

Collins eCB solution is hardware agnostic. It can work with any third-party system or provider to meet the evolving demands of airlines and passengers now and in the future. In today’s dynamic aviation environment, flexibility is key to an airline's long-term success strategy.

Features & benefits

  • Efficient and automated, increasing operational efficiencies
  • Hardware agnostic, supporting airline growth and development
  • Real-time inventory management reduces waste
  • Ease-of-use increases ancillary revenues
  • Live credit card authorization reduces fraud
  • Promotes a more hygienic cabin and contactless experience for passengers

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