The future of high-bandwidth, mobile networking is available now with the Collins Aerospace QNT-200 software-defined radio (SDR). This two-channel SDR offers next-generation networking capability designed for size-, weight- and power-constrained applications. It is ideal for networked communications that require reliability, high bandwidth, low latency and spectrum efficiency.

Through flexible, “on-demand,” IP-based networking, the QNT-200 provides rapid delivery of mission-critical information, enabling real-time warfighter decision-making. It uses the IP-based, dynamic mesh network to maintain situational awareness of all nodes in the network with high efficiency.

Weighing less than 5 pounds and at less than 100 cubic inches, the QNT-200 provides the latest in IP-based networking capability for almost any application.

Features & benefits

  • Small form factor, two-channel, multi-band software defined radio
  • Rugged solution with over 100,000 hours of deployed, in-theater operation
  • Provides breakthrough technology, enabling high node count and high-bandwidth mobile networking
  • IP-based, low-latency, ad hoc mesh networking
  • Supports high-bandwidth connectivity for imagery and full-motion video
  • Enables fast automatic joining and leaving of network by nodes for time-critical information connectivity
  • Provides long-range, reliable networking with spectrum-efficient, “on-demand” use of bandwidth