The availability of full autopilot and normal law is key to reducing pilot workload, which decreases the chance for human error. With the Collins AOA ice-resilient solution, pilots and passengers can have peace-of-mind.

Our Airbus single aisle/long range angle of attack sensor is industry-leading, meets the most severe FAA/EASA icing requirements and provides an enhanced replacement option for these aircraft.

Features & benefits

Aircraft part
  • Industry-leading icing performance in severe icing conditions
  • Environmentally sealed moisture management
  • Self-regulating, solid-state vane and case heaters
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Direct-drive, dual-output resolver
  • Active heater monitoring
  • Integrated cover plate
  • New low-drag swept vane design
  • Rotating surfaces actively controlled above freezing

Testing capabilities

icing wind tunnel

Collins Aerospace has one of the most capable on-site icing wind tunnels in the world – with colder temperatures and higher altitudes.

Our wind tunnel can produce both solid ice particles and supercooled liquid water droplets in high concentrations. Our aerodynamic and icing testing meets aviation regulatory agency requirements for air data probes.

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