Bring high-intensity illumination to your passengers in a compact, easy-to-install package. For bright, uniform light, our aircraft dome lights use chip-on-board technology, enabling densely packed LEDs. Each dome light includes application-specific features such as adjustable dimming, water resistance and light spread options. And with a broad range of customizable designs, you’re sure to find an ideal solution for your cabin needs.

ELD04 Low Profile Dome Light

ELD04 dome lighting

With a compact, 1” depth, our ELD04 offers low-profile lighting

ELD13 Low Profile Dome Light

ELD13 dome lighting

Adjustable dimming and an innovative design offers smooth LED light for a clean look and feel

ELD14 Step Dimming Dome Light

ELD14 dome lighting

Designed with more depth than the ELD13 and ELD04 for even smoother LED illumination

ELD25 High Intensity Sealed Dome Light

ELD25 dome lighting

A water-resistant dome light perfect for shower stalls

ELD30 High Intensity Dome Light

ELD30 dome lighting

The compact, dimmable ELD30 is ideal for overhead lighting in wide- or narrow-body aircraft

ELD31 High Intensity Dome Light

ELD31 dome lighting

Featuring radiant white LEDs, the ELD31 is our brightest dome light, ideal for overhead lighting applications

ELD32 High Intensity Dome Light

ELD32 dome lighting

This overhead light features an all-inclusive design, incorporating a control board that offers multiple dimming options

ELD42 White Dome Light

ELD42 dome lighting

The ELD42 is digitally controlled and features several beam spread options for focused or cone-style lighting

ELD43 Full Mood Dome

ELD43 full mood dome

Delivering light across the full RGB spectrum, our ELD43 dome light brings a dynamic color palette to your cabin interior