Collins Aerospace provides avionics, cabin systems, Heads Up Guidance, Information Systems and service and support for Bombardier business aircraft, Bombardier regional aircraft and Canadian airlines.

Our office in Montreal, Quebec serves as a system engineering, customer support and sales office to support Bombardier Aerospace and Canadian commercial aviation market. The facility plays a central role in supporting primarily Bombardier development and production programs with avionics design, installation, integration and test support, as well as customer and sales support.

Examples of some of our work with Bombardier include:

  • Pro Line Fusion®, the most advanced integrated avionics system, entered into service as part of Bombardier’s Vision Flight Deck on Global aircraft. Pro Line Fusion was selected by Bombardier for the Global 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 family, Learjet 85 and C-Series aircraft.
  • New Performance-based Navigation capabilities added to the Collins FMS-4200 on CRJ700/CRJ900/CRJ1000 NextGen Aircraft. Our FMS-4200 Flight Management System is certified and will be standard fit on Bombardier CRJ700/CRJ900/CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft.
  • Collins was selected to supply the Primary Flight Control Computer (PFCC) and the Attitude Heading Computer (AHC) for Bombardier Aerospace’s fly-by-wire (FBW) flight control system on Bombardier’s CSeries commercial aircraft.

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