Today’s high fuel costs and never-ending drive for space efficiencies means airlines must seek every advantage in size and weight. The PulseOx® passenger oxygen system’s energy-conserving technology delivers oxygen based on a person’s breathing cycle, reducing system weight by up to 450 pounds.

Advanced Delivery System Reduces Weight

PulseOx optimizes oxygen delivery to provide 100 percent oxygen during inhalation and a mixture of ambient air and oxygen during the rest of the breathing cycle – reducing the size and weight of the cylinders needed to help keep passengers safe in an emergency.

Choice of Leading Aircraft Manufacturers

PulseOx presents an alternative to traditional centralized gaseous oxygen systems, which can be heavy, expensive and time-consuming to install or change. The reduced costs and weight advantage have made PulseOx the clear choice for leading aircraft manufacturers on their latest aircraft.

Flexibility With Cost-Saving Measures

Our system’s multiple installation configurations offer optimal flexibility. A single oxygen source serves multiple units. Each seat group requires only a power input – eliminating the cost and weight of piping required with centralized passenger oxygen systems.

Easy Reconfigurations

The PulseOx passenger oxygen system accommodates between two and six seats depending on the configuration of your aircraft. With no centralized piping, the system can easily be reconfigured to whatever seating arrangement you install. The unit simply slides to the required position.