Aircraft systems generate overwhelming amounts of data on every flight. But only after a thorough analysis does that data become useful information and intelligence. By accessing Collins systems expertise, manufacturing know-how, and aircraft integration, we can provide smart solutions, enabling aircraft operators to understand and transform the right data into information that can be leveraged to improve operations in targeted ways.

Aircraft personnel inspecting

So how does this work? For systems that may have undetected and uncorrected hardware failures, losing track of that critical information can lead to equipment damage, flight delays and cancellations, or even costly flight diversions. Through our advanced data management and analytics services – including prognostics and health management (PHM) – we’re helping to make the world’s best airlines even better by not only saving them time and money spent on unexpected equipment failures, but also helping them avoid negative passenger experiences.

We understand these targeted systems because Collins engineers designed and developed them. Our Analytics team can directly collaborate with those developers so we’re able to help identify issues, investigate and deliver actionable recommendations before an airline incurs the costs of service interruptions and unplanned maintenance. This unique collaboration means we can turn terabytes of data into valuable insights for our customers.

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