Your passengers need to be connected wherever they fly with seamless coverage. Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX (JX) from ARINCDirectSM offers the most extensive coverage, provided by a single operator, so you can fly across time zones with confidence your passengers will have continuous, consistent service. Delivering global high-speed broadband in flight – JX provides some of the fastest speeds available in business aviation today.

Because it’s difficult to predict what types of devices and applications you’ll be using in years to come, JX offers upgradeable bandwidth, allowing you the agility to adapt to changing requirements and make the most of your capital investment. Operating on the Ka-band satellite network, JX offers more available capacity and is more efficient in its use of bandwidth than other networks, resulting in more affordable in-flight connectivity, with simple pricing options that allow you greater control of your budget.

ARINCDirect Service Enhancements

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Our tools paired with JX improve your passenger’s experience and optimize your costs. You’ll receive one price for a complete connectivity package - premium flight planning, International Trip Support, and scheduling. With Collins Aerospace's ARINCDirect you can choose from a wide range of applications and solutions to enhance your JX usage and management through every phase of flight.

Cabin Solution Enhancements

Let's Talk Technical

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Quality of service is fundamental, and for over 30 years Inmarsat has been operating the most reliable commercial satellite communications network. Collins Aerospace adds to this level of service by providing you with one number for ARINCDirect technical, customer and billing support.

What Can I Expect from JX?

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JX provides high throughput, global coverage and a single, integrated architecture which improves quality of service by significantly reducing the multiple satellite/ground station handoffs.

  • Speeds up to 20 Mbps, some of the fastest available in business aviation today
  • Global coverage (except polar regions) for continuous, consistent service
  • Transmitted over the Inmarsat-5 satellites
  • Ka-band frequency
  • Only connectivity option with Committed Information Rates (CIR)
  • Upgradeable bandwidth for new devices and applications
  • Fully redundant ground network for 95% network availability
  • Best for large size aircraft


ARINCDirect Services

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