Two programmers working together on computer code at night

Our engineers...

  • Enable astronauts to live and walk in space
  • Use advanced materials to create lighter, stronger aircraft structures
  • Connect the aviation ecosystem for more seamless, efficient travel
  • Power the future of hybrid-electric flight more a more sustainable future
  • Equip and connect armed forces across the modern battlespace
  • Advance the next generation of cabin interiors for every type of aircraft
  • Leverage data to help pilots find the safest, most fuel-efficient flight path.

On any given day, there are more than 2.5 million Collins components flying in the air. Given the depth and breadth of what we do, you could say we’re everywhere.

Our work always starts with a question, what if…?, paired with a purpose, we could…? Curiosity and perseverance inform every step that follows. And that curiosity is the throughline for each of our teams and the 17 areas of expertise they continue to build.

Explore what we’re focusing on and why we believe it matters – now and for the future we’re working to redefine.

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