The continually advancing battlespace places ever-increasing networking demands on warfighters. To succeed in their missions, your ground-air forces need the right information in the right place at the right time.

With the AN/ARC-210 RT-2036(C) single-channel software defined radio, those forces can access mission-critical capability, when and where they need it. The RT-2036(C) features multiple waveforms, high-speed mobile ad hoc networked communications and beyond-line-of-sight connectivity for data, voice and imagery.

Evolving from our proven AN/ARC-210 advanced communication technologies, the RT-2036(C) also supports the Collins Aerospace TruNet™ networked communications solution concepts.

Features & benefits

  • Trusted - Enables proven, fully secure communication 
  • Matches form fit with ARC-210 family of products, works flexibly with other systems for cost savings
  • Interoperable with Collins Aerospace and non-Collins Aerospace V/UHF radio systems, increases mission effectiveness for greater safety
  • Delivers critical, high-speed, ad hoc networked communications between fast movers and mobile ground forces, easily configurable to a variety of missions
  • Enables software/network management Enables independent, Enables customer-made changes
  • SCA-compliant waveform development for customizability to customer- and country-specific requirements Flexible and configurable, to cost-effectively meet future needs
  • Fully software programmable to meet future needs
  • Based on the tenets of the TruNet networked communications solution family,  offers the most advanced software defined radio technology available