No one knows aviation data better than we do and that’s because we design and develop the systems that bring all the information together. And we’re doing it with innovation and at digital speed. With our expertise, manufacturing know-how and integration capabilities, we’re providing smart solutions to enable pilots, dispatchers, maintenance, aircraft owners and so many others the power to predict, analyze and optimize their operations.

How the power to analyze is making a BIG difference in aviation


Monitoring your fleet is paramount. With our connectivity tools, you’ll have the power to analyze years of data and gain comprehensive, valuable insight into aircraft performance, improving dispatch reliability and reducing unplanned maintenance. Using AI & machine learning technology, we’ll provide you with insights and recommendations on part performance, maintenance and repairs, and onboard supplies.

Having the power to analyze means airlines can potentially reduce 30% of maintenance-driven delays and cancellations and also save up to 20% of their maintenance costs by using Ascentia analytics services.


InteliSight brings the power to analyze to flight crews, airline operations and technical operators – combining hardware, applications, security and services on one future-proof platform. And whether your aircraft is on the ground or in-flight, real-time data streams aircraft health data, global positioning and so much more for pilots and ground crews to maintain a clear view of the entire fleet.

Two major airlines are using InteliSight data in predictive models to make their fleets more efficient and environmentally sustainable.


ARINC cMUSE (Multi-User System Environment) is our next-generation common-use passenger processing system solution that allows multiple airlines to share check-in desks and boarding gate positions at an airport rather than having their own dedicated infrastructure.

With the latest ARINC cMUSE solution, we've partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in cloud provision services, to offer full or partial cloud-based deployment options, providing the additional flexibility, scalability and efficiency aviation now needs.

Cloud-based solutions like cMUSE save airports money and reduce carbon output by allowing airlines to share a common, agent-assisted check-in desk. An airport could save more than $100,000 by switching from core server hardware to cloud-based solutions.


OpsCore Flight Tracking, now integrated with FlightAware Foresight™ predictive ETAs, is the next-generation flight tracking solution from Collins Aerospace. Designed with airlines in mind, OpsCore enables flight dispatchers, OCC managers and airport personnel tracking aircraft to provide aircrews with the information they need for a safe and efficient flight. OpsCore enables users to track flights with precision, enhance situational awareness and receive alerts around adverse air and ground conditions through a single, intuitive interface.

OpsCore Flight Tracking pairs advanced data aggregation and predictive technology from FlightAware with Collins’ connected messaging and fleet management capabilities, enabling airlines to analyze flight information through machine learning, to identify key influencing factors for any flight to forecast future events in real-time and optimize ground resources.

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