Expanding connectivity beyond the aircraft

GlobalConnectSM, Collins connected aircraft solution, simplifies this transition. A set of managed services unlocks the value of the connected aircraft using a full range of nose to tail solutions. It offers an easy to use, turnkey platform for ground tools, value-added applications and messaging/media connectivity.

GlobalConnect is the only offering that can handle multiple datalinks including legacy SATCOM, as well as new Internet Protocol links such as broadband satellite, Wi-Fi and cellular. With new connectivity options comes the ability to provide a more robust pilot experience, including in-flight access to real-time data from the ground. GlobalConnect also streamlines operations by automating the acquisition of safety and performance data from the aircraft.

The future of aerospace is more connected

Airbus A320 neo soaring in sky
Infographic depicting the stages of the connected aviation platform lifecycle: Ground, air to ground, and onboard

GlobalConnect saves airlines the time and money required to manually download FOQA and MOQA data while an aircraft is on the ground, increasing the safety of the aircraft with faster, simpler and more efficient maintenance and performance data monitoring.

GlobalConnect also supports new ways of sending and receiving ACARS traffic. IP based transmission of ACARS is supported, in addition to traditional VHF, HF, and Safety SATCOM to reduce costs for an airline and reduce congestion on traditional ACARS media types.

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