Public-Private Partnership

At Collins Aerospace, we build partnerships to closely align and address readiness, sustainment, reliability and part availability requirements

Public-Private Partnerships can make aircraft sustainment easier because both parties are equally invested, leveraging all resources to create a flow where industry partners benefit from access to greater MRO capacity, a steady ROI and reduced life cycle costs. We help bridge the gap between the DoD and non-federal entities, opening the channel to allow enhanced access to current technology, capabilities and reach-back to the experts.

Key features and benefits

  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Managed obsolescence
  • Improved mission readiness
  • Improved accountability and streamlined auditability
  • Dedicated leadership team
  • Shared investments and risks
  • Increased repair throughput
  • Predictive and stable scheduling & forecasting
  • Greater access to current technology and capabilities
  • Greater access to MRO capacity
  • Steady returns on investment (ROI)

Performance Based Logistics (PBL)

Our tailorable PBL programs provide guaranteed vendor performance and improved parts availability leading to operational readiness

Our customizable programs put the focus on your operational needs and readiness requirements. With tailorable options, you can create your own solution with guaranteed availability and increased mission readiness, all at a predictable cost.

With a 100% program renewal rate, we are a trusted partner that can design the most cost-efficient program for your fleet.

Key features and benefits

  • Improved mission readiness
  • Increased parts availability
  • Reduced life-cycle costs
  • Proactive obsolescence management
  • Increased on-wing time and reduced flight line maintenance
  • Extended life of products/systems
  • Agile and comprehensive spares inventory management
  • Component reliability engineering
  • Reduced sparing needs
  • Expert field service engineering
  • Proactive, on-site training program
  • Predictable costs and purposeful funding
  • Reduced overhead
Performance based logistics service solutions. Are you ready?

Engineering Services

Customize a solution to meet your operational needs and readiness requirements

Our field support engineering (SE) teams reduce total cost of ownership and provide complete service and support throughout the life cycle of your program and our products. We offer an extensive global network with experts who are dedicated to providing you with exactly the level of support you need, when you need it.

Obsolescence Management/Sustainment Engineering

Total life-cycle optimization provided through proactive obsolescence management

The Collins Aerospace proactive obsolescence management process covers the total life cycle of the product to predict and replace obsolete parts before they become crises. Our form-fit-function obsolescence solutions allow an easy and cost-effective transition from aging fleets to newer designs, which then minimize sustainment vulnerabilities. We monitor the rapidly changing environment, extreme mission and training conditions and newly developed requirements to keep you ready now.

Depot Partnerships

Proactive solutions that enable self-sustainability with the support and expertise of Collins Aerospace as your partner

Our depot partnerships are collaborative relationships with military service depots that enhance support to the battle force, humanitarian or peacekeeping mission. These partnerships can improve your core depot maintenance capabilities, facilities and technical expertise – leading to improved MRO performance.

Collins Aerospace provides a three-phased approach to military depot partnerships:


Collins Aerospace engineers will perform an assessment to determine the effort required to establish independent I-Level or full Depot Level capability at your facility.

We’ll perform depot assessments to assure depot activation requirements, including schedule and budget, are fully understood for successful execution of a depot activation. A component repair information package (CRIP) is provided detailing your existing repair capabilities. The CRIP includes information such as the equipment to be tested, the test equipment required, technical repair manuals, training and other support resources. We’ll also perform a site survey to document any capability shortcomings at the proposed depot site.


The activation phase is the implementation of the depot assessment planning activity to transition from OEM managed repairs to an overall sustainment partnership. The activation phase will use the data generated during the depot assessment to develop and deliver the equipment and the training and technical data needed.


Our sustainment partnership ensures long-term product sustainment. Our expert team and ongoing support will meet the necessary requirements to improve readiness.

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