As part of our expansive collection of STCs, we’ve also developed a number of ready-to-install kits designed to improve your operation. These kits, available for a variety of aircraft, are designed to bring new functionality, improve reliability and enhance aircraft safety and operation. Explore our product information bulletins below and contact us to learn more about these solutions.

Product Information Bulletins

Product information bulletin Applicability
03-9200-200X Q400 LED tail light  
956931-3 Baggage door safety catch All DHC-8-100/-200/-300 series
A23831-103 Improved exhaust shroud All DHC-8-100/-200/-300
A74750-1, A74750-3, B44731-1, Flight deck cooling systems CL-215-1A10 and CL-215-6B11 (Keith Products A/C mod)
CL-215-6B11 (Casey Copter to Keith A/C mod)
CL-215-1A10 (Improved Ram-air ventilation system)
B78631-7/-9 Dash-8 flight deck manual stowage box DHC-8-100/-200/-300/-400
C12031-101/-201/-3 Ground power service bus DHC-8-100/-200/-300
C21631-3 Crew oxygen remote fill All DHC-8-100/-200/-300/-400 aircraft with standard 39 ft3 crew oxygen bottle installation
C44231-1/-3 Crew oxygen indicating system All DHC-8-100/-200/-300/-400 aircraft with standard 39 ft3 crew oxygen bottle installation
C46031-4/-5-6 Cabin recirculation air filter DHC-8 Series 100 & 300 Post-1990, Hunting and C&D interiors and 200 series all interiors*
C46331-1/-3 Improved take off configuration warning system All DHC-8-100/-200/-300 aircraft
C46431-1/-3 ECS manual control cold limit clamp DHC-8-100/-200/-300
C54642-1/-2 Improved aft jet pipe support DHC-8-100/-200/-300
C93631-5 Logo light installation kit All CRJ100/200 with Bombardier factory installed logo light option
C99731-13 Rechargeable flashlight All CRJ100/200 with Bombardier factory installed non-rechargeable flashlight (P/N P2-07-0001-214)
CFLX-C05125-100 5 coax composite cable  
D11931-1 Ground power circuit breakers DHC-8-100/-200/-300
D12431-1/D12432-1 Improved fingernail joint seal DHC-8-100/-200/-300
D23131-3 Replacement crew seat backrest panel All Pilatus PC-12/45 aircraft
E99831-1 LED lavatory light DHC-8-400
F846031-1/-3 CRJ flight deck manual stowage box CL601/-604/-850
G16831-1 Flap actuator heating system CRJ200 aircraft
G36931-1 Ground power service bus-cargo light DHC-8-100/-200/-300 with RC ground power service bus previously installed in accordance with TCCA SA99-216/FAA ST00998NY
G37331 Lav/Galley water heater replacement kit Bombardier CL600-1A11/-2A12/-2B16
H123001-1 Level of Service (LOS) annunciator driver  
H235102-1 Tow guard installation CRJ-100/200/440
K26811 Improved Beechcraft 200 floor panels Beechcraft King Air 200s with OEM floor panels
RD8-L/HREPAIR, RD8-R/HREPAIR Information Bulletin D083-2  DHC-8-102/-103 aircraft, post mod. 8/0024
RD8-L/HREPAIR, RD8-R/HREPAIR Ladder plate repair kit DHC-8-102/-103 aircraft, post mod. 8/0024