Built on the success of the Collins Aerospace’s GLU product line, the industry’s leading Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR), and continuing the company’s commitment to furthering advanced global navigation capabilities, the GLU-2100 will be the industry’s most capable, fully digital, MMR with integrated instrument landing system (ILS), global positioning system (GPS), GPS landing system (GLS) and VHF omni-directional receiver (VOR). With newly developed, patented hardware technology, the GLU-2100 will have advanced performance and will support all current airspace navigation and landing requirements and will be able to support future capabilities through efficient software-only upgrades that can be accomplished on the aircraft.

Features & benefits

  • Drop-In-Replacement to Existing MMRs
  • Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS)
  • Patented Hardware designed to Design Assurance Level (DAL) A
  • On-wing data-loadable
  • Integrated VOR and MB
  • Upgrade MMR equipped fleets to meet mandated requirements and to benefit from highly accurate GNSS solutions to enhance navigation performance
  • Utilize SBAS to improve GNSS performance to support advanced navigation capabilities such as WAAS LPV, GLS CAT II/III, RNP AR 0.1, etc.
  • Support implementation of future features such as GLS Cat II/III, Multi-Frequency/Multi-Constellation and improve key capabilities such as multipath interference
  • Efficiently implement new features to satisfy emerging needs and requirements
  • Significantly reduces size, weight and power associated with separate federated units


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