A private alternative to traditional seating

Give your passengers the undisturbed freedom to sleep, work or lounge as they desire with Serenity™ and Elite™ suites certified for wide-body aircraft, private alternatives to traditional seating. The Elite suite features full privacy with suite doors, and all the comforts of a first-class suite. Our Serenity suite offers direct aisle access for each suite, eliminating the need for your passengers to step over their neighbors in the aisle seat. And, your flight attendants can more easily serve without inconveniencing other passengers. The privacy shield between the window and aisle seats starts in the up position, enabling passengers to choose their preferred level of interaction. For narrow and wide-body aircraft, our Parallel Diamond suite offers full flat berthing and all the amenities of top business class products.

Features & benefits

  • Elite™ features privacy doors for each suite
  • Serenity™ and Elite™ offer individually controlled privacy screens give passengers control over how they interact with others
  • Fully flat 23-inch-wide bed with 80-inch length for a more comfortable sleeping position
  • Large screen in-flight entertainment integration available