The Collins Aerospace Composite Center of Excellence innovates structural technology to provide you with a lightweight way to transfer load in different conditions.

Our offering includes a number of joining solutions. One of the composite-to-metallic interfaces is designed to be pre-loaded, resulting in tie rods and struts.

Depending upon the application, these components are structurally designed to resist compression, tension, bending and torque loads. We can add different end fittings, including clevis, forks and rod end to attach to your aircraft structure.

Structural applications

Collins Aerospace has a committed composite research and technology team that drives new technologies throughout the business. Our patented structural technology has a wealth of applications – including interior tie rods, center wing box struts and hold open rods on engine nacelles.

The composite solution provides significant weight savings over metal equivalents, typically equaling up to 30%. The added stiffness results in longer, stronger components, while the patented joining technology provides weight and cost savings to other composite solutions.

Manufacturing engineers