The CDU-7000 incorporates the latest commercial technologies into a military-hardened unit to achieve an unparalleled blend of performance and reliability.

Based on Collins Aerospace's Flight2™ open architecture, the unit consolidates control of the aircraft's flight management functions and a diverse set of communications, navigation, weapons management and defensive aids equipment into a single control display unit.

Features & benefits

  • Separate civil and military partitions within a single control unit
    • Provides the most current civil navigation database and flight planning that is separate from, yet integrated with, unique military functions
    • Provides a separate military flight management function (e.g., CARP/HARP airdrop, patterns, search and rescue, tactical approaches, weapons/defensive aids management)
  • Military/operational functionality
    • NVIS compliant – designed for use in operational environments allowing for use of night vision goggles
    • Keyboard is fluid resistant and easy to operate with or without flight gloves
  • Multiple interfaces
    • Enables easy integration in civil or military aircraft (e.g., ARINC 429, Ethernet and 1553)

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