It is exciting seeing the phrase “To the Moon!" become reality once more. Artemis’ successful mission is supported by Collins Aerospace sensors for the Space Launch System's (SLS) four RS-25 main engines as well as the RL10 engine for the Orion spacecraft's second stage. Additionally, Collins Aerospace supplied the sensors enabling thrust vectoring for Orion’s attitude control systems and environmental sensors for inside the Orion Crew Module. We are excited to be part of enabling a return to our planetary neighbor. Contact us concerning your space sensing needs and discuss your plans with our engineers.

Artemis I spacecraft sitting on the launch pad

Space Launch System (SLS) carrying the Orion spacecraft

Our instruments can be found on the Atlas V, Delta IV/RS-68, and Ariane 5/Vulcain, as well as a myriad of satellites and scientific exploration vehicles. Collins sensors are making measurements out of our solar system (Voyager 1 and 2) on Mars (Spirit and Opportunity Rovers) and have been on Saturn’s moon Titan (Huygens Probe).

Collins has a long legacy of providing high-reliability technology and services that meet industry demands for today and in the future.

Surface Temperature Sensors

Surface Temperature Sensors

Surface sensors: Solar arrays, thrusters, antennas, cryogenic coolers, black-body calibrators, critical payloads

  • Metal housing - spot welded, fastener, clamped and adhesive
  • Ceramic or epoxy housing

Immersion Temperature Sensors

9905 Space Sensors

Immersion sensors: Fuel and oxidizer, electronic bays, exhaust gas, valves

  • Metal sheath
  • Threaded or flange mount
  • Encapsulated or exposed element
  • Hermetically sealed

Turbopump Speed Sensors, Level Sensors, Water Conductivity Sensors

Turbopump Speed Sensors Level Sensors Water Conductivity Sensors

Speed sensors: Turbo-pump
Level sensors: Propellant level, engine cut-off
Water conductivity: Water management systems