Custom embedded radar simulator

Collins’ radar simulation system (RSS) enables you to bring simulation directly on board your aircraft. It provides the world's most advanced radar simulation of its kind, offering a highly realistic set of models for both air-to-air and air-to-ground radar modes. The system has been implemented for fire-control radar simulations, as well as search/navigation applications.

Digital radar landmass simulator (DRLMS)

Our DRLMS model accurately simulates real-world terrain and cultural feature returns, as well as weather patterns and targets. Configurable parameters enable realistic simulations for a wide range of radar types, including weather, sophisticated fire control radar systems, search radars, navigation radars, high-resolution synthetic aperture radar and inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging modes.

Weather radar simulation system

We offer a full line of economical PC-based weather radar simulation systems (WRSS), suitable for a wide variety of military and commercial aircraft simulation applications. Our WRSS includes our digital radar landmass simulator (DRLMS), accurately simulating real-world terrain and cultural feature returns, weather patterns, windshear and other effects. All systems can be customized for each application. Our systems support a variety of video interfaces for use with either actual or simulated aircraft displays.

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Engineers conversing

Whether you need a spare to keep your aircraft flying or would like enhanced functionality on an existing product, Collins Aerospace offers extensive parts and repair services to meet your mission requirements and keep your equipment operational. We can provide new or used parts, engineering services or tailored performance based programs to support your mission requirements.

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