Starting with its baseline features, the Pro Line Fusion®integrated avionics system in your Gulfstream G280 flight deck delivers advanced capabilities that enhance your flying experience. Enjoy expansive, large-format displays with the highest resolution in the industry, managed through an intuitive graphical user interface. Save time with efficient database loading. Pro Line Fusion with the optional and totally integrated HUD provides unmatched situational awareness, safety and control, while dramatically reducing pilot workload.

Powerful baseline features

  • Three 15.1-inch high-resolution displays – largest in the industry
  • Vertical Situation Display
  • Electronic checklist
  • On-board maintenance
  • Graphical synoptics
  • Electronic charts, enhanced map overlays
  • Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A)
  • MultiScan™ weather radar
  • Full-flight regime autothrottle
  • Dual flight management system
    •  LPV and RNP capabilities
  • Data-link graphical weather
  • Terrain Awareness Warning System

One Complete View

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280

Quickly modify or create a flight plan directly on the moving map using point-and-click functionality. Easily add map symbols, overlays, weather or terrain for a complete flight plan view. Reduce the risk of controlled flight into terrain with separate top-down and side profile views.

Electronic Checklist/Synoptics

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 - CheckList

Monitor aircraft systems easily with centrally located data. Electronic checklists and advanced synoptics simplify procedural steps – whether for normal, abnormal or emergency situations.

Multiscan Weather Radar

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 - Options

Automatically scans the skies up to 320 nautical miles ahead of the aircraft, detecting and assessing weather threats. Clutter-free cell storm tracking depicts weather conditions with four-color clarity. OverFlight protection mitigates the risk of inadvertently penetrating thunderstorm tops.

Electronic Charts

Pro Line Fusion charts with region map and data

Enhance operational efficiency by accessing charts through the aircraft's multifunction displays. Know where you are on the ground or in the air with accurate aircraft positioning displayed on both approach procedures and airport diagrams. Charts are always available – no need to manage a separate device, batteries, power or inconsistent display data.

Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A) Capability

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 - FANS-Nav

Equips your G280 to comply with mandates for access to the preferred North Atlantic Tracks across the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, it positions you for the first steps of Data-link Clearance (DCL) implementation domestically. Whether using CPDLC to cross the Atlantic or moving to the front of the line by obtaining your clearance via data link, CPDLC technology allows you to capitalize on the benefits of "Best equipped,best served."

Pro Line Fusion avionics options for Gulfstream G280

Advance Your G280's Performance While Positioning It for Nextgen®

Aircraft navigating instrument

Your powerful, flexible and efficient Pro Line Fusion flight deck brings the high performance you expect in a Gulfstream aircraft. Now you can take that performance to an even higher level, with options that can further streamline flight operations and equip your G280 for NextGen airspace.

Key options

  • Head-up Guidance System (HGS™) with Enhanced Vision System
  • Link 2000+
  • Synthetic Vision System on the primary flight display
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out
  • Dual electronic charts
  • XM™ WX Satellite Weather®
  • Intercontinental package
  • Predictive wind shear (option in planning)
  • Vertical weather (option in planning)

Head-up Guidance System (HGS) with Enhanced Vision System

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 HUD

HGS delivers critical flight information and guidance cues that inform and assist pilots in every phase of flight. Improves situational awareness and energy management while increasing touchdown precision.

The Gulfstream EVS II™ provides live, infrared imagery of the approach and landing environment to the HGS. See wildlife, vehicles and other obstacles. Together, HGS and EVS can help reduce airport diversions in low-visibility conditions.

Safer Flight with HGS

The independent Flight Safety Foundation conducted two studies on how HGS affects aircraft safety. Conclusion: Head-up guidance systems offer dramatic performance improvements and safety advantages.

Link 2000+

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 - Link 2000

This direct data-link channel enables reliable communication between pilots and air traffic controllers. Link 2000+ is recommended for flights within EUROCONTROL jurisdiction.

Synthetic Vision System (SVS) on Primary Flight Display

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 - SVS-PFD

No matter the weather conditions, SVS improves situational awareness and safety when flying a terrain-challenged approach or a night approach into an unfamiliar airport. Integration of multiple databases with real-time flight data produces a clearer view of the flight surroundings environment for terrain and obstacle avoidance.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 - ADS-B

Comply with upcoming ADS-B Out mandates while maintaining your aircraft's value. This option delivers real-time traffic and aeronautical information to your flight deck. Note: Image includes ADS-B In concepts.

Dual Electronic Charts

Dual Charts with region map

Lighten the load by transitioning to a paperless or reduced-paper cockpit. Dual charts deliver one consistent look and feel. Fully integrated, reliable charts curtail the need to manage and carry on a separate device.

XM WX Satellite Weather

Pro Line Fusion and HGS on Gulfstream G280 - XMWX

When you fly in the continental United States, you can rely on XM's high-resolution, strategic data for real-time awareness of changing weather conditions. For flights worldwide, data-link graphical weather provides accurate views of weather conditions in your flight path. Both weather-tracking capabilities overlay data on the navigational map for ease of pilot decision making.

Intercontinental Package

Europe from space

For flights from North America to Europe, dispatch with the backup equipment you need to experience uninterrupted communications between your G280 and air traffic control. The package includes second altimeter, HF radio and data link, and third flight management system and navigation computer. Each component also available individually.

Predictive Wind Shear (Option in Planning)

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 - Windshear radar view

Detects potentially dangerous wind shear ahead of the aircraft before it becomes an immediate threat. This advanced wind-shear warning gives pilots time to take corrective action or execute a go-around.

Vertical Weather

Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 - VWX

Provides pilots with a simultaneous vertical and top-down profile ahead of the aircraft, displaying both terrain and weather. This simplified view displays storm growth and intensity along the flight-path, giving pilots the right decision-making tools to navigate weather and remain vigilant during arrivals and departures with challenging terrain.

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Pro Line Fusion and HGS for Gulfstream G280 - ARINC
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  • Seamless cabin connectivity
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