Redefining Mission Performance in the Air and at Sea

Hercules aircraft black and white

Collins Aerospace has been supporting the U.S Navy and Allied Surface Fleets for more than 50 years. Our worldwide field service support provides expertise in design, analysis, manufacturing, repair, and testing of marine composites to ensure unmatched reliability and performance for the life of each ship.

Surface ship sonar domes

Collins Aerospace has designed, developed and produced every wire rubber sonar dome used on U.S. Navy ships. The use of rubber domes provides the U.S. Navy with superior sonar performance.

Our RHO-COR® composite material system results in acoustic windows with exceptional structural properties. In conventional designs, RHO-COR delivers optimum acoustic performance. Its systems offer low transmission loss and reflectivity over a broad angle of incidence and a wide range of frequencies. The RHO-COR composite material system is a naturally damped, multi-layer composite sandwich engineered to provide high structural integrity.

The RHO-COR Keel Dome assists the U.S. Navy in anti-submarine warfare.

Acoustically tuned marine composite structure

Field service

You can count on an approved, capable, trained field service team that can expertly handle your installations, inspections and repairs. We also provide in-service engineering, including update, upgrade and modification of all our Goodrich products.

Our field service team has accumulated more than 100 years of experience and travels extensively, installing and repairing sonar domes and windows. The team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet your ship’s sail schedule.

Using the Faro Laser Tracking System, we measure 3D coordinates of the existing ship structure to locate and position our hardware to the hull. Precise hardware alignment is critical for the proper form, fit and function of sonar domes and windows. 

Field service engineers performing maintenance on a sonar dome

Marine maintenance products

Collins Aerospace maintains the world’s only inventory of U.S. Navy approved Goodrich-formulated acoustic products, adhesives and coatings. We specifically engineered and produced these materials for marine applications. They include:

Acoustic products

  • SAPER® Acoustic Sound Absorbing Material
  • ISOPER® Acoustic Sound Reflecting Material

Adhesives and coatings

  • NOFOUL® Anti-Fouling Elastomer Coating
  • PLASTILOCK® 315 Metal Primer
  • HYDROLOCK® Adhesive System
  • ELASTOLOCK® AS-1/HP-2 room-temperature and underwater curing seam fillers and adhesives

Field service support materials

  • One-ply Partial Splice Wire Kit
  • 273-inch Keel Dome O-ring 3S1590
  • 75M Protective Mylar Film
  • Bleeder Cloth, Nylon
  • Cured Wire Fabric 24"X30"
  • Degree Tile Marker
  • Nutplate Section
  • Teflon Fabric